Outlook Not Sending Emails In Windows 10 – With Or Without Attachments

While Microsoft Outlook is an excellent email client, it comes with its own set of problems. One such issue is when the users are unable to send emails in Windows with or without attachments. Many combinations could cause the problem, but there is one check you need to make sure you are aware of the attachment size limits offered by the Email Service you are using with Outlook. That said, in this post, we will show multiple ways to resolve the problem when Outlook is not sending emails in Windows 10 whether you have an attachment, or not.

One of the common scenarios is that emails do not work in Outlook, but they work on other devices, including smartphones. It could be working on a different PC, but not on one of the PCs. These are a few ways you can be aware of isolating the problem.

Outlook Customer Service

Repair Outlook Profile

Turn off the “Work offline” mode

Increase Outlook Attachment Size

Check Mailbox Settings

Check Add-ins

Turn of Antivirus Email Integration

Zip Files before sending

Blocked Files

Make sure to check if the problem was resolved after trying the listed solution.